Hi Curious Reader!

If you’ve found yourself here, you are probably curious as to who I am. Well, I am know around the Web as Agalova. You may (or may not) have visited some of my Squidoo Lenses (I have over 100), or follow me on Twitter, or maybe you know me as the mother of two fantastic kids, or perhaps as the lady at the Secratary of State office. Perhaps you’ve seen me at an FRG event or shopping at the commissary or standing in line at the post office waiting to mail a package off to my deployed husband. But most likely you happened across this blog while looking for a crafty project to inspire you. I hope you have found at least a little inspiration this visit.

I never really considered myself to be al that crafty. I was always more interested in camping and outdoorsy stuff in girl scouts. My mom worked full time in a power plant and was far too exhausted to teach me to sew or crochet or embroider. I learned to make friendship bracelets and finger weave from my friends and enjoyed those activities, but in school I always missed out on the art, shop and home economics classes since I was in Band. In college I took a semester of Sculpture and fell in love. I wasn’t great, but boy did I have fun. But between my classes and work I didn’t have much time to pursue more art classes. Once my daughter was preschool age, she wanted to do al kinds of projects. I loved playing and creating with her on my day off of work. When I was placed on bed rest for my pregnancy I decided to use that opportunity to teach myself to knit. I have been knitting for two years now, and enjoy it much. I decided a week before christmas this year to learn to crochet. My mom is retired now and had the time to teach me now. I picked up the basics in one day and am hooked (pun intended, LOL).

When my son was born he had trouble sleeping through the night until he was nearly a year old. Between that and my husbands upcoming deployment we decided that I would not return to my job with the State. I have been earning a little bit here and there online, and decided that I should start my own blog. Now I have an excuse to craft all day with my kids. It is my new job!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you come back soon.

-Jackie a.k.a. Agalova


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