Car Bingo



We took a trip up to the cottage over spring break. Even with the iPods, DVD players, books and toys cries of “I’m bored” sounded from the back seat. On our grocery run to Glen’s I was able to pick up the supplies for this craft. Poster board, fine tip markers, sheet protectors are the materials I found in the small school and office supply section. I cut the poster board so it fits in the page protector sleeve. Then I marked my five by five grid in the bottom of the sheet. I used things we saw on the trip up north as inspiration for the objects on my board. You can customize it to what you are likely to find in you area of travel. I sketched all the images in pencil first then went over them in marker. I grabbed the washable markers, and found that they are not as nice to write with, but I figured they would be good for the kids to use when I was done. They worked well enough though, and probably smudged less, since the one year old was constantly tugging on the board as I drew. Remember to make the center square in your board a Free space. I almost forgot it. When you are done, just slide the board into the protective sleeve and it’s ready to go. The kids can draw right on the sleeve with a dry erase marker, or use the circular stickers used for pricing items at garage sales. Then you can reuse them for your next road trip.
Happy Travels!


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